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In a world where there isn’t exactly enough time for all the things people have to do, almost everybody still finds themselves hooked to a certain hobby. Collecting baseball cards or stamps, buttons even, knitting, wood crafting, landscaping, what have you. And in this long list, comic book collection seems to place itself amongst the top.

Pointers For Comic Book Aficionados

The popularity of comic books gained momentum during the 1960’s. However, comic book enthusiasts would remember the story of the Yellow Kid in Hogans Alley published in two leading newspapers in 1895, now considered as the first ever comic strip in history. From then on, comic characters have risen from the creative minds of writers and illustrators such as Stan Lee and the others.

The idea of comic book collection came out naturally as fanatics developed. While people started out collecting comic books for fun, others collected for profitable interests. This occurred after newspapers featured certain comic books that prove to be of economic value.

However, many a consumer would often than not be misguided on what comic book to collect and how to appropriately collect.

Whether you collect for the hang of it or for profit, here are some pointers that are sure to perk up your collection.

1. Pick a comic book title that interests you and start your collection from there.

Picking the comic book to collect is crucial. Good comic book titles are continually associated to popularity. For novices, titles from DC Comics and Marvel Comics -the two largest comic book publishers- are good to start with.

A collector may also view magazine lists such as the Wizard Magazine for the 100 best-selling comic books.

2. Do not stick to one comic book title. Related titles also become hot pursuits for collectors.

To cite, Spiderman related titles will also do well in the market especially if they were featured as lead characters in the original Spiderman issues.

3. Look for titles that are not popularly known to the public but are considered valuable to collectors.

Famous illustrators have more than one featured work. Their other comic works will also offer good profit for their names, although they may not be famous for many readers.

4. Remember to buy different covers of one comic book issue.

Some publishers release more than one cover for a comic book issue to increase market sales.
5. First issues and first appearances are sure to increase in value over time.

Certain comic book titles such as the Amazing Spiderman offer first appearances of other characters such as the Punisher. The worth of these titles is significantly higher than that of others.

6. Look for comic books worth purchasing in different places and events.

Certain conventions have been held around the globe for comic book collectors. These events offer good deals for certain comic book titles. The most famous of which is the San Diego Comic Convention held in the United States.

Online purchasing may seem less expensive. Collectors on the other hand would have to deal with additional charges such as shipping.

7. Trading is also a good means of expanding your collection, especially when you have more than one copy of a certain issue.

When trading, always check the value of the comic book you are pursuing. The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide is a good source for old comic book titles.

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8. Preserve your comic books very well. The condition of the comic book will also dictate its value.

Comic book conditions will range from Very Poor to New/Mint. Be sure to assess the condition of the comic books very keenly.

Collectors may purchase mylar sleeves or display books to individually preserve their comic books. Comic book boxes are also available in the market for stacking your comic books all-together.

The comic book industry, however, experienced its decline during the 1990s. Collectors since then have become more careful. Reprints of coveted titles such as the original issues of Superman and Captain America have been released in the market, still bearing labels as first editions.

Despite the difficulties in comic book collection, the fun and thrill collectors get from doing it still attracts a considerable number of people. Most still do it not for the money anymore. Most do it to meet people and to have a break from a day of work, just as how a hobby should be. Well, just imagine kids running across their dad’s old comic book collection. Now, is that not just plain nice?

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