Themed Vacations: An Exciting Way To Travel With Family


If you’re tired of the same old dreary and monotonous work routine, then its time to plan a fun holiday with your family. Themed holidays are always an exciting way to go about vacationing with your family, and one our most memorable family holidays was our ‘cowboy and Indian’ vacation. We traveled with our sons throughout the West, stopping at all of the most famous tourist spots along the way. First, we stopped over at Dodge City to explore and discover the cowboy way of life, and next we moved on to Southern Colorado where we explored the ancient ruins of the Pueblo Indians. Yes, it is hard to choose a theme for your vacation, but here are four of the most fun-filled ones that I think my grandchildren would enjoy the most:

 The first themed vacation to travel with family would definitely have to be the Disney themed holiday vacation. Picture yourself escaping the freezing cold of winter and heading to sunny Florida to enjoy the sights and sounds of Disney World. Sounds like fun doesn’t it? The Disney themed vacation has always been a great favorite amongst the kids and adults alike. There are so many different places and attractions to visit that it would be very hard for you to decide where to go first. From the Magic Kingdom and Epcot Center to the Universal Studios and MGM studios, Disney world has a plethora of attractions for all and sundry. What’s more, it has its very own cruise line that has all the different Disney characters on board, making it a great place to travel with family. Disney World also has a special monorail train that will take you to all the sites.

 If you’ve always been dreaming of a winter vacation in sunny California, then you’ve already thought of the most fun holiday prospect ever. From the San Diego Zoo to LegoLand, San Diego has been and always will be a great hit with the young ones. But, if visiting theme parks is you thing, then you should head up north to the Los Angeles and Anaheim area. From Disneyland, Six Flags Magic Mountain and California Adventure Theme Park to Universal Studios, Southern California has everything you would ever want. What with its warm, cozy climate and its beautiful sun-kissed beaches, it truly is like paradise on earth. You can also go visit the gorgeous city of Carmel and historic San Simeon. You can also stop over at Monterey to take in the beautiful sights of the Pebble Beach Golf Course.

 Another one of our brilliant themed family holidays that we had was when we went on a historical trip to the East Coast. First, we stopped over at Hershey Pennsylvania where we visited Hershey Town. Then, we visited other historic sites in Virginia like George Washington’s home. Next, we moved on to Washington D.C. where we visited the malls, Washington Monument and all the Presidential Memorials. We even took a tour of the White House. If you’re a history buff and a patriot, you must go to the sacred site of Arlington Cemetery. No East Coast family holiday would be complete without visiting the Smithsonian. So, travel with family to the East Coast and discover for yourself how it can instill love and patriotism for the country in anyone.

 Travelling to National Parks and Monuments is another fun way for you to experience the beauty of going on a themed family holiday. From the Yellowstone National Park to the Old Faithful go off or the Petrified Forest National Pak in Arizona, themed vacations are the best way to vacation. The Grand Canyon is a natural attraction that you must visit at least once in your lifetime. You don’t have to be a child or a teenager to enjoy a fun-filled themed vacation. With themed vacations, fun holidays are here to stay!

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