NFL Rookies Will Have Their Annual Symposium

The 10th annual Rookie Symposium in San Diego will be taking place on June 25th. This is a four day orientation that introduces the 2006 NFL Draft into the National Football League before the training camps start.

The Symposium includes the participation of the rookies in the fourth annual NFL Youth Football Clinic on Tuesday afternoon (June 27) in San Diego.

This program consists of a series of videos and workshops which finality is to initiate the new participants of the league into the NFL’s operation and the challenges they will have to face being part of it.

Just like last year the attendants will be using a hand-held device to answer questions about the diverse themes that they will be reviewing.

Michael Haynes, NFL vice president of player and employee development refers to this saying that it helps the rookies kick off to a good start regarding the new lifestyle they are about to begin. They will be thought on how to develop personal and professional goals that will uphold them during and beyond their playing careers.

Among the topics that will be examined are life skills, personal finance, personal conduct, media policy, life as a rookie, substances of abuse, family issues, personal experiences, NFL security, player development, football operations, success in the NFL and life after football.

The Symposium will be given by members of the National Football League office and clubs, NFL Players Association, professionals in specific areas, current and former NFL players who have experienced themselves the problems inherent in some of the topics exposed.

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